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Johnson made sections of the company's land holdings outside the factory district available to workers to build homes on, with financing provided by the company, and title reverting to the worker when the loan was paid off. Financial problems in forced the sale of the company to a creditor and fellow shoemaker, Henry Bradford Endicott of Massachusetts , who founded the Endicott Shoe Company and in made factory foreman George F. Union was a market town along the Susquehanna River settled in the s, serving the farming area between Binghamton and Owego.

Endicott area code

Up until , the only settlements on the north side of the Susquehanna River between Binghamton and Owego were Hooper and Union at the intersection of what is now Route 26N and Route 17C. Several businesses were located near this commercial site from to , including a creamery dairy plant reflecting the predominantly dairy -based economy in the immediate surrounding area at the time. Commercially valuable trees predominantly oak were cut down and dragged by oxen down to the Susquehanna.

Endicott area code

Endicott area code

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