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Benefits[ edit ] Among the recognized benefits of doing regular aerobic exercise are: Aerobic capacity refers to the maximum amount of oxygen consumed by the body during intense exercises, in a given time frame. Another common move, the repeater knee, is an 8-beat move.


One learns the routines during the class and then all are performed at the end of the class. Similarly, the "knee up" move also takes 4 beats. As breathing capacity increases, one is able to extract oxygen more quickly into the blood stream, increasing elimination of carbon dioxide.



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  1. Cooper encouraged millions into becoming active and is now known as the "father of aerobics".

  2. Common kettlebell exercises combine aerobic and anaerobic aspects. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

  3. Aerobic gymnastics[ edit ] A sport aerobics team Aerobic gymnastics , also known as sport aerobics and competitive aerobics, may combine complicated choreography , rhythmic and acrobatic gymnastics with elements of aerobics.

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