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The Dacian tombs and mammoth bones found here show that the area has been inhabited since prehistoric times. A woman prepares meals for the family: In Romanian villages, you will participate in rituals that are a hundred years old.

Escapades travel

The change of scenery is total. Here, life flows like the Danube, slowly.

Escapades travel

Escapades travel

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  1. For those who did not want to submit to the royal rules, they were simply tortured.

  2. It is hardly a surprise if I tell you that a trip on the Danube will take you to the ruins of some of the oldest sites left by the conquering nations. This is the legend by which the village of Ghind?

  3. The fishermen start before sunrise, but again, the atmosphere on the channels deserves to get up at dawn.

  4. These areas, still unexploited, are a special attraction for lovers of the delta. From there, the ferry and the boats are the only means of transport possible to get there.

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