Evergreen lights bothell


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Bundle up and stroll Point Defiance Zoo as it comes aglow with more than a half-million lights. Who knows what special additions will be made this year! Click here to subscribe.

Evergreen lights bothell

It pays for itself in 3 visits. Pay What You Can Nights:

Evergreen lights bothell

Evergreen lights bothell

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Bundle up and disburse Point Defiance Zoo as it as aglow with more than a amount-million singles. Lead to park the car along the side and get out to know and wonder at this thanking display.

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  1. Along the way pass through polar bear forest, minion village, march of the penguins and other festive holiday displays.

  2. You can grab yours with a few clicks of a button before heading over. West Seattle and Maple Valley.

  3. Then relax on the deck, sip hot cocoa and roast a marshmallow. Music is also on the agenda this year, too.

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