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People have a right to disagree, of course! And they might stop doing things like Clowns came in first, followed by taxidermists, sex shop owners, and funeral directors, following McAndrew's hypothesis that occupations involving "threatening stimuli" like death or sex would be perceived as creepy.

Examples of creepy behavior

Touching is a bit too intimate for casual acquaintances. People have a right to disagree, of course! So if you've been taking notes at home:

Examples of creepy behavior

Examples of creepy behavior

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  1. There's no specific explanation given in the study for why this makes people seem creepy--as opposed to simply looking poverty stricken, or down on their luck, or just plain dirty. Don't put your arm around their shoulder, touch their face, or hold their hand.

  2. For one thing, she wonders if people of different races or ethnicities could be perceived as potentially more dangerous or creepy than other races or ethnicities, or if people who are objectively more attractive are perceived as less threatening than unattractive people.

  3. Conversely, other articles do the exact same thing to men as well, with many of the points in common. Sorry, Mike Birbiglia , for that time I walked up to you in a Manhattan deli and asked to take a selfie.

  4. The truth is, what you feel is never wrong. It seems like ancient history now, but back during the presidential debates, there were news articles analyzing whether Hillary Clinton's " creepy grandma smile " might turn voters off.

  5. Social forms of discrimination such as racism can be incredibly creepy, specifically because of how much of it is not out in the open.

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