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The earliest citation that I can find is from the Oakland Tribune, December His case turns out to be more complicated than it first seemed. A worker takes on the responsibilities of others.

Fal guy

He also cites a scene from The Maltese Falcon , in which Wilmer, the gunman is sold out. An article about John Wilstach included a jargon dictionary has both 'fall guy' and 'fall money', implying that phrases were well known by then.

Fal guy

Fal guy

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  1. Although the original show never went forward, a year later when asked to vacation with his friend Glen A. Any person, guilty or innocent emphasis added , who takes full blame to shield others.

  2. If fall guy derives from "fall money", then this may be the earliest possibility.

  3. The New York Times: In a paper called the "Politics of Pollution", Robert Bulard writes public officials, to deflect criticism over landfills, found a "fall guy", but they blamed abstract, faceless bodies:

  4. His case turns out to be more complicated than it first seemed. A dupe takes the butt of jokes.

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