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Joshua Ward of Wilmington also auditioned for "American Idol," but his full audition will not be televised. My favorite song in life is 'Zoom' by the Commodores, so it was so surreal to be able to meet him. Vasi is a Fayetteville native who has been singing since before she can remember.

Fayetteville observer classifieds

Its headquarters building and production plant on Whitfield Street off Camden Road are included in the sale. The newspaper was ranked No.

Fayetteville observer classifieds

Fayetteville observer classifieds

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  1. Giving books this holiday season?

  2. Its headquarters building and production plant on Whitfield Street off Camden Road are included in the sale. Crowds honor Bush for long service, from war to White House.

  3. GateHouse operates newspapers and associated websites across 35 states and in hundreds of markets, CEO Kirk Davis said in a memo to Fayetteville Publishing employees.

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