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Renzy for being good at all the jobs he played - and such a great person. I cannot wait to get back online, and I will see my family when we get there.


As for my info Kryshna for being the best brd I've ever played with and one of the very few whms I trust to do their job.



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  1. Amethist 64 BLM 54 War on Seraph Funny how some people can play the game for a month and hit 75 and I played for a grand total of around two years and never managed it. P Heh, you know, I feel like I can edit that list over and over and it would never be just right.

  2. EvolXx Oct 25, , FF XI's supposed length of levelling was largely because of A all the extra stuff you had to do, some of which I already mentioned, and B you reasonably had to depend on a group to level up as nearly all of the jobs after a certain point.

  3. I played PSO since it's gamecube launch untill,. EvolXx Oct 25, ,

  4. My ffxi cds are all in the garbage. Xbob on

  5. I've been missing that feeling for so long.

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