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Meyer further suggests that tyre rubber used in concrete as an aggregate is a viable solution to recycle tyres when taking into account its economic viability. Gautam Srivastava and Agarwal conducted compressive strength tests on 66 concrete specimens.


The concrete specimen sizes were in moulds where three 50mm layers would each be compacted before the next layer of concrete was added. After this session, we go to the winter timetable, when the garden will open only on Fridays and Saturdays. Thus will indicate if tyres and glass in concrete can reduce the impact it currently has on the environment.



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  1. FCWG showed to have the best slump as the glass content increased. They deduced that CTA had a low workability, compressive and tensile strength.

  2. Taking the aforementioned into account a mix with high impact resistance, toughness and strength could possibly be achieved with the addition of glass and tyres as a partial replacement in the same concrete mixture. Shi and Zheng also states that since , which referred to as the past 10 years prior to , glass used in cement concrete has gone through many investigations due to the costs and environmental regulations that it has.

  3. An observation was made where the slump increased when the percentage of waste glass increased. It should be noted the volumes of TA were free of steel wires and no minerals or admixtures were added to the TA.

  4. The use of waste glass in concrete is a viable secondary market as it is economically feasible Meyer,

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