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Ingleses Norte Price Range: Florianopolis was far from pure awesome in my opinion. Tourists come from the dirty and decaying beach that is Copacabana in Rio to the clean, known around the world for surfing beaches in Florianopolis.

Florianopolis women

I call it the Venice of Brazil with a bit of a flare, Paraty. If you are a 20 something backpacker that just wants to party and surf, go to Florianopolis. Coffee As a staple of food and drink in Brazil, you must try some coffee while traveling there.

Florianopolis women

Florianopolis women

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  1. Gobble down grilled cheese on-a-stick, roasted nuts, fresh coconut water, or an acai bowl! I expected awesome beaches I expected awesome surfing I expected just pure awesome Everything does have its moments and sadly Florianopolis never had its moment with me.

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