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How it works Reserve a storage unit online with SelfStorage. Remember that with the added length often comes additional width and height, meaning that many of these extra-large vehicles will require ceilings with a minimum height of 15 feet. This size can typically contain large Class B and Class C campers, mid-to-large sized travel trailers, small-to-mid sized fifth-wheel campers, large toy trailers, and small Class A campers.

Fort campbell ky zip code

Facilities and units that do not have Move-in Rebate eligible badging are not eligible for move-in rebate claims unless specifically offered on a phone call with SelfStorage. Due to varying local laws, the gift card amount you receive will be for the specified amount minus any discounts or promotions. Indoor Unit With Indoor vehicle storage, your vehicle will be parked inside a large structure such as a warehouse with other vehicles.

Fort campbell ky zip code

Fort campbell ky zip code

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