Freaky love letters


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You see, there are many things we can let go, but not like this your powerful smile. The hot air escapes the covers, and with it the trance scent of your excitement.

Freaky love letters

Your thoughts pre-occupied my heart and I have no choice than to succumb to the aura of your love, passion and compassionate movement towards me. Maybe you fall to my side, my arm beneath you, your head on my shoulder, we then pull the covers up. For me, that night, you turn to face me, and trying to keep out the cold air you move slowly; you move in so close your nose touches mine, our lips touch.

Freaky love letters

Freaky love letters

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You are so wet I am it. I love the direction that you featured into my side.

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  1. Is your hair slightly damp, or do you dry it?

  2. There are different ways we meet in life as for you; I met you in a passionate manner.

  3. We are lost in the moment, overcome.

  4. You do that to me.

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