Frenum percing


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All genital piercings are anatomy dependant that's why you should always go to an experienced piercer. A wide variety of chastity devices make use of frenum piercings to secure themselves to the penis, as part of fetish or BDSM activities. Page through my blog posts to read about one bad genital piercing after another.

Frenum percing

Some feel comfortable during sex right away, while others prefer to wait a period of time. There are two other variations of the frenum piercing:

Frenum percing

Frenum percing

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  1. Frenum piercings generally require from two to five weeks to heal fully.

  2. A word of warning care must be taken that the barbell is sized properly and allows some room for an erection, if it isn't this can be exceptionally painful I'm told. My preference to start this piercing is 14g barbell of PTFE surgical plastic type material.

  3. DO make sure when washing to remove all the crusting, if it's not cleaned off properly it can concrete around the ring and tear the inside of the wound when the ring moves, this can be painful and lead to inflammation and delayed healing.

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