Fun dates in fort wayne


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Along with the many artifacts on display, the museum also teaches fire safety. If you are wondering what to do in Fort Wayne, Indiana with kids, this is a great place to explore. During the spring, visitors can cool off in the free splash pad, while in the winter the park has an ice skating rink open to all.

Fun dates in fort wayne

Do feel free to message a moderator with your request if you would like a custom piece of flair an icon beside your name. Visit river otters, lemurs, and red pandas, play with goats and cows at the Indiana Family Farm, take a pony ride on Little Poof or take a ride on the 's mini train. While their centers are made from the high quality fresh local ingredients on site in their Fort Wayne factory, they use the best chocolates imported from all over the world to wrap around the yummy filling.

Fun dates in fort wayne

Fun dates in fort wayne

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  1. Their chocolates are so delicious that you have to close your eyes to fully enjoy the exquisite sweetness. Parkview Field is open days a year.

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