Fun things to do in hillsboro oregon


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The city's terrain is fairly level, consistent with an agricultural past and the farms still in operation. If your kids are young enough, take advantage of the play park provided by the City of Hillsboro at the Tyson Recreation Center.

Fun things to do in hillsboro oregon

Luelling, who took office on December 8, , and served a one-year term. Parks When the weather is cooperating, Hillsboro offers no shortage of parks for your kids' enjoyment.

Fun things to do in hillsboro oregon

Fun things to do in hillsboro oregon

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  1. Shute Park, Griffin Oaks Park and Glencoe Creek offer playground equipment and covered areas for picnics or shelter from a sudden rain storm. In Hillsboro, some county road names and addresses conform to the Portland grid instead of Hillsboro's internal cardinal direction grid, [43] and the city has been working to make addresses and streets within Hillsboro conform to the internal grid.

  2. Cycling With many bike lanes and paths throughout the city, Hillsboro is a great place to teach your kids to cycle. In , Hillsboro itself reported an area of

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