G spot condom


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For best results you should fully exit the vagina when going up. Reverse Cowgirl This famous variation of the woman-on-top has the lady on top as usual but facing the other way.

G spot condom

The ring section of the present invention is designed to provide further stimulation to the woman's vagina, more so when the ring section defines the bulbs that extrude outward. Therefore, the spirit and scope of the appended claims should not be limited to the description of the preferred versions contained herein.

G spot condom

G spot condom

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  1. Claims 19 What is claimed is: The g-spot condom of claim 1 , further defining a plurality of small bulbs throughout the head and body inner sections of the sheath.

  2. The g-spot condom defines a head section, the head section has a tip section and a bottom section, and an inner and outer side; a body section, the body section defines a first and a second side, and an inner and an outer side, the first side of the body section is adjacent to the bottom section of the head section; and a securing section, the securing section is adjacent to the second side of the body section.

  3. An object of the present invention is to provide a condom that will stimulate the g-spot of a woman.

  4. In yet another embodiment of the present invention, the ring section 24 shall define ring bulbs 26 that extend outward from the sheath The head section 12 has a tip section 12 a and a bottom section 12 b, and an inner not shown in figures and outer side 12 c.

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