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Nor should you have to wait for days before you get response to your support email that. Then came time you had to pay for a subscription. What do you know about the owners of Grindr?

Gay grindr

It's very important to us that we get a diversity of perspectives and opinions in our app and in our support team. This is another instance that speaks to how important the personal beliefs of the leaders of these companies: He deposited checks into my account and asked me to buy him dollars worth of I-tunes cards.

Gay grindr

Gay grindr

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  1. So our Terms and Conditions are very clear that if you use language that is threatening, harassing, or discriminatory, we absolutely can and do take action to warn you and potentially remove the language or suspend the profile. In April , Grindr announced that About.

  2. If we were a publicly-held company, if we had received VC funding, we could've never done that.

  3. I think what this whole incident shines a light on is just how important the identity and personal beliefs of the tech company leaders really are in

  4. VC funding and the investor funding that they have received is leading them down a very, very dangerous and toxic path.

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