Gay otome games


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Includes 2 sexy CGs per character and story! Absolute Obedience is essentially a series of Cold War sexual power-play vignettes, by turns nasty and farcical. It's enjoyable if you like the more smutty side of yaoi.

Gay otome games

They are more innocent. I haven't gotten a chance to play it yet but it looks really good. We're committed to achieve the highest quality and give our best shot for each element of the game!

Gay otome games

Gay otome games

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  1. It's may be more of a visual novel with the way the game play is set up with very little options and a ton of time in between each option.

  2. November boy I, however, believe that they are. With your support we will have more resources to build better gameplay, music compositions, artworks and a lot more!

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