Gays in the marines


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For instance, the Israeli Defense Force does not ask the sexual orientation of its soldiers, however half of the homosexual soldiers who serve in the IDF suffer from violence and homophobia. Although, it is important to note that many gays and lesbians do not disclose their sexual orientation once the ban is repealed.

Gays in the marines

Originally, it was believed that gays were not physically able to serve effectively. The reasons to enforce this ban included the potential negative impact on unit cohesion and privacy concerns.

Gays in the marines

Gays in the marines

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  1. The year old, originally from Wilmington, North Carolina, says that he was immediately accepted by his peers. Specifically, non-open LGBT persons are found to experience social isolation.

  2. In fact, I found that most of the people who acted in a homophobic way towards me were those who had nothing to do with the military at all.

  3. In many of them special support and advocacy organizations are present.

  4. These veterans also reported facing significant challenges serving while concealing their sexual orientation;

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