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In fact, he seems to have started building a Vandal fleet even before he became king. The Vandals had suffered greatly from attacks from the more numerous Visigothic federates , and not long after taking power, Gaiseric decided to leave Hispania to this rival Germanic tribe.


He carried off the treasures of Rome including the vessels that had been captured from the Temple in Jerusalem in a. Gaiseric was of the opinion that these acts voided his peace treaty with Valentinian, and on 31 May, he and his men landed on Italian soil and marched on Rome, where Pope Leo I implored him not to destroy the ancient city or murder its inhabitants.



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  1. After Gunderic's death in , Gaiseric was elected king. Nevertheless, Gaiseric gave freedom of religion to the Catholics, while insisting that the regime's elite follow Arianism.

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