Getting married in arkansas courthouse


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Here are some legal things to consider. The Application for a marriage license and the Declaration of Intent shall be filed with the official who issues the marriage license.

Getting married in arkansas courthouse

There is no waiting period required in Arkansas. A Justice of the Peace or former Justice of the Peace who has served two or more terms since Ministers with their credentials recorded in any Arkansas county Check with the county to verify whether another type of officiant is locally acceptable Permit Information In most cases, wedding venues in Arkansas don't require a special permit, but it's always best to check with the facility, especially before booking. Keep in mind that many wedding venues in northwest Arkansas involve parks, which typically require permits.

Getting married in arkansas courthouse

Getting married in arkansas courthouse

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  1. The city or county may have additional requirements if you're planning a big bash.

  2. For guidance on additional methods of payment, please call ahead. Within those 60 days, the license must be returned, whether used or unused, to the County Clerk's office where it was issued, where it will then be recorded.

  3. Marriage License Fee Arkansas: The city's attractions, scenery and reputation as the former home of Bill Clinton offer up a variety of theme ideas.

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