Getting your nipple pierced


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It will make it even easier to get turned on. While not all of us can walk around in a mesh top the way these ladies often do, we can still jump on the bandwagon and pierce our nipples—which makes us just as cool, right? As with all piercings, cleaning the site will be extremely important.

Getting your nipple pierced

Sometimes the only solution is to remove the jewelry altogether, which is a real bummer since you just went through the entire piercing process. Getty Images Nipple piercing aftercare You need to keep the area as clean as possible to avoid infection.

Getting your nipple pierced

Getting your nipple pierced

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  1. The last thing you want is to tear your skin and ruin the piercing you just paid good money to get. More expensive options include gold, silver or platinum, but who really has money that in their budgets?

  2. Expect the the site to be tender for a few days, but the real pain will only last during the actual piercing process.

  3. You can choose any combination you would like.

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