Gift ideas for guys in their 30s


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A bedside shelf that saves valuable space and holds up to 15 pounds will keep your water, phone, glasses, and nighttime reading close at hand. The internet phenomenon is now a wacky game for grown-ups. It features tips and tricks for making things last longer while saving money in the process.

Gift ideas for guys in their 30s

This set of coasters pays homage to the legendary Abbey Road Studios, with images of vintage recording equipment on each of the 6 coasters. Wipe off the page and use it again! The beautiful bamboo tray easily fits most any bed, without tool -, just use the hidden clamps to tighten.

Gift ideas for guys in their 30s

Gift ideas for guys in their 30s

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  1. Vibrant colors and a subtle sleek shine turn a cherished memory into a lasting keepsake.

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