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Minors under the age of 12 must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times. Adventure World takes all reasonable steps to provide Guests with a safe and enjoyable theme park.

Go karting mandurah

Any photographs, videos or sound recordings taken by a Guest must be for personal use only. When instructed any loose items on a Guest must be placed in the box provided until the ride or slide is completed. The planned activities of a bachelor party are traditionally kept secret from the groom.

Go karting mandurah

Go karting mandurah

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  1. A valid and authentic wristband must be worn at all times. Maximum of 8 tickets per member, per season.

  2. Maximum of 8 tickets per member, per season.

  3. In purchasing a ticket you thereby agree to receive promotional emails about the park The ticket holder agrees that by the purchase of an Adventure World ticket the ticket holder has read all of these herein conditions and agrees unconditionally to be bound by these conditions.

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