Gold diggers women


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Or… If you decide to pick up the bill at the end of dinner, and you go back to her place for a drink… Have her pay for the cab fare back. Just click the sign you want to know more about below: Conclusion Miratech and its international partners conducted the first international eye tracking study to measure how men and women look at the photo of a provocative-looking young woman.

Gold diggers women

Looking down on others in order to feel good. The benefits of eye tracking Once they had looked at the picture, we asked the participants to fill out a questionnaire to tell us what they had seen. Do you know how to spot the wolves?

Gold diggers women

Gold diggers women

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  1. To really twist the knife, they will gleefully tell all of your friends and family what an utter piece of shit you are. The Woman Of Integrity The woman of integrity however is more balanced.

  2. Miratech then compiled and analyzed the results.

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