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Yet he can not get a date no matter how hard he tries, the only sure thing is he will follow Jay anywhere. First picture of pensioner who died days after being attacked in his own home Carron, who used to work as a bodyguard for celebrities before his hernia affected his ability to work, says the hernia — which occur when organ or tissue push through a weak spot in muscle or skin — began to develop after an appendix operation went wrong. Woman raped in a churchyard on Christmas Eve He is now appealing to medics to carry out corrective surgery on the hernia, which he says is gradually causing him to lose mobility.


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  3. Join him as he and his best friend Nick Gordon, attempt to solve the disappearance of one ten year old child. Jay Walker is a relatively ordinary guy, with extraordinary friends and a never say quit attitude.

  4. Come inside and you will meet, Nick Gordon, cute as a button and a winning smile.

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