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This type usually contains a stretch material such as spandex and may extend above the waist. Thongs have a waistband similar to tangas, but the rear coverage is mostly cut away. Construction typically consists of two pieces front and rear that are joined by seams at the crotch and sides; an additional gusset is often in the crotch, with the waistband and leg-openings made from elastic.

Granny paties

I already made a couple pairs of granny panties in this baby blue power stretch, so now I have a little faux bodysuit situation. Boy shorts often cover most of the buttocks area, therefore keeping privacy at maximum while still having comfort. In Australia, men's underpants are often referred to as "undies".

Granny paties

Granny paties

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  1. The term is little used in the United States US and Canada , where the term "panties" is usually favoured.

  2. I give these straps … four more hours before they are completely stretched out. Sometimes these are called "granny panties" by young women.

  3. Will obviously be making one, now that I have all of the elements sorted.

  4. Briefs rise to the waist, or just below the navel, and have full coverage in the rear.

  5. With the string bikini type, the side sections disappear altogether and the waistband consists of only string-like material; also, the rear coverage of the bikini is more revealing than that of the brief. Bikinis , like hipsters, sit at hip level, but the fabric of the side sections is narrower.

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