Greater pittsburgh soccer league


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The Pittsburgh Press league operated at least through but it is not known when the league folded, although it was probably during the depression. World Cup team, for whom he scored 4 goals against Mexico in the qualifying round and the Americans lone goal against Italy in their first round loss.

Greater pittsburgh soccer league

Two 2 substitutions are permitted per team following a goal and at goal kicks. The only other professional team to call Pittsburgh home has also been the longest lasting team - the Pittsburgh Riverhounds of United Soccer Leagues.

Greater pittsburgh soccer league

Greater pittsburgh soccer league

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  1. Although the Spirit struggled in their first season, they finished 2nd in the East in , making it to the semifinals.

  2. Served as secretary-treasurer and president of the West Penn Association and Keystone League and was commissioner for the U.

  3. Homestead soon established itself as the team to beat in the District league, winning league titles in and , the last by a substantial margin over Castle Shannon. They debuted with a 4th place finish, made the quarterfinals in and had their bellwether season in when they went to finish in 3rd in the Northeast Division, while their forward Thiago Martins won the scoring title and Most Valuable Player Award.

  4. O and O leagues may optionally take a five minute break in the middle of each half play four twenty minute periods except where referees are being assessed, which requires games be played in two full 45min halves.

  5. But victory was all theirs in the Open Cup where they won it all.

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