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Many state and private universities or colleges were created during that time period in order to cater to the already present and rapidly rising demand for university-level education. It has consistently commanded about a third of the total votes cast in elections during the post-independence period. Similar processes took place with regards to language as the mostly oral mixed varieties were replaced by the written official national languages of Greece and Turkey.

Greek cypriot women

Overall, despite rapid industrialization and other changes of a capitalist nature, once couples are married, they build on the assumption of marital, occupational and geographical stability. As babies they are usually the woman's responsibility, and the social environment on both sides is very accepting of children in public spaces, such as restaurants. In , cases were reported, whereas in that number almost doubled with cases being reported.

Greek cypriot women

Greek cypriot women

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  1. Women who possess characteristics such as having little to no education, reside in Urban areas, are of older age, and struggle financially are said to be prone to domestic violence.

  2. For these reasons, there has been a steady migration of Turkish Cypriots abroad, to places such as Turkey and the United Kingdom, in search of employment.

  3. The Conditions of Survival,

  4. Now, after twenty-six years of complete separation, very few Greek Cypriots can understand Turkish and no young Turkish Cypriots speak or understand Greek.

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