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Hank was in his 40s and also HIV-positive. For instance, if a user specifies that he's into " laTe nighT parTying ," that most likely means he's looking for someone with whom to smoke meth.

Grindr code words

I was performing poorly at work. Since getting sober, Jeffrey Zacharias started a private practice that focuses on addiction counseling for the LGBT community.

Grindr code words

Grindr code words

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  1. After being diagnosed with HIV five years ago, he told me that he moved back home to be closer to friends and family. I moved from smoking meth to injecting it.

  2. The guy with his tongue hanging out of course, he loves to share.

  3. He told me that taking the drug gave him more than just a feeling of invincibility; it also made him feel an acceptance that he'd been longing for his entire life.

  4. Crystal meth acts on the same pleasure zones that are activated in the brain during sexual activity. Accounts less than 24 hours old, or those having less than a certain level of karma Redditwide, will find their post automatically removed.

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