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As the last year of Gryphons football unfolded, we all witnessed Guelph's rise to the top of the OUA and read numerous posts by Guelph supporters throwing it in everyone's face. He had also been perfect earlier in the season against York and Windsor. The only other playoff team with a winning streak longer than one game is Western.

Guelph football blog

Guelph was the only one of the three to defeat both Laurier and Waterloo. Jason Richards making his mark on special teams!

Guelph football blog

Guelph football blog

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  1. And don't forget this is a Western recruiting thread.

  2. Jason Richards making his mark on special teams!

  3. Cimankinda ran for yards on 16 carries, an average of 9.

  4. Peter writes a blog on Guelph Gryphons football. Peter continues to show up on this forum and the "other one" CIS line of scrimmage as well as write sometimes biased imo almost non fiction blogs about Guelph Gryphons.

  5. Except stu will be out a few million for his trouble. Most people know that Peter Gryphon became a voice for Guelph in the ensuing 12 or so pages of that thread where "he" and "they" were unable to comprehend or admit that Guelph perhaps made an error in judgement.

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