Guy scares girlfriend


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Nobody said these were life-changing thoughts, but at least they're keeping it real. Court records show he has been charged with DWI third offense, a felony in Texas.

Guy scares girlfriend

There's already enough pressure in wanting your friend to find something just as funny as you do when Josh shows David his phone, but things quickly go downhill once Josh's lady love starts to send some shocking texts! But what is a great feat without a little pranking? In an attempt to get away for a moment to enjoy a bit of licorice, mom of four beautiful girls has given us her summary of motherhood.

Guy scares girlfriend

Guy scares girlfriend

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  1. After an eight year journey of infertility, this family's story is incredible. Nobody said these were life-changing thoughts, but at least they're keeping it real.

  2. They land and have a romantic picnic where he pops the question, then pops some champagne. The more he tries to let her down easy, the crazier she seems to behave.

  3. The Phone Catch Prank

  4. We're talking about an overly-attached girlfriend.

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