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With my big sister guiding me I started visiting Laser Clinics in the city for hair removal. Transgender Lasercare is focused on delivering the highest standard of hair removal for transgender clients.

Hairfree canberra

I had a lot of red, light brown to blonde and some grey hair on my face and was advised by Lasercare that the laser will not remove this hair. The machine makes quite a loud whirring noise, followed by a loud ZAP as the therapist begins efficiently lasering away. I had already had a couple of laser hair removal treatments that were very slow at one and a half hours to treat the face.

Hairfree canberra

Hairfree canberra

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  1. I was no longer embarrassed or self-conscious.

  2. My skin is just not as supple as it used to be. Although hormones and reassignment surgery greatly reduced body hair I wanted to be hair free and to not have to shave my under arms or my legs as most women do so I had my entire body lasered.

  3. I owe my scar free and hair free underarm and bikini to Laser Clinic Canberra Centre. I will admit I was a bit apprehensive having done no real research I was worried that microdermabrasion was abrasive, that it would hurt and require down time.

  4. I also like feeling beautiful without makeup. It was rather relaxing.

  5. I had a lot of red, light brown to blonde and some grey hair on my face and was advised by Lasercare that the laser will not remove this hair.

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