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They are willing to join forces with others and collaborate in typical good faith and honesty. Such high vibrations incite them to advocate a better world and take care of the most underprivileged souls on this planet. Add to Wishlist Install Imagineā€¦ a revolutionary application designed specifically for schools, sports and clubs, that provides instant communication and real time updates to be sent to your phone through push notifications.


This is where he hoped he could find his fame and fortune. Hallr was a young boy when he received the byname brjost due to his chest deformity he is missing the majority of the muscles on the left side of his chest. He is also the reason that Shard started meeting with Stigr , as if Hallr didn't continuously challenge Shard, the Vanir would never have learned of his true heritage.



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  1. Parents, fans, coaches and teachers will never need to stress or worry again about changed or cancelled events. In the year on a trade mission down the Volkhov river, Hallr volunteered to help row upstream past the rapids to Holmgard.

  2. We have been able to achieve our goal by merging all the digital tools into a user friendly App.

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