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Remember that with the added length often comes additional width and height, meaning that many of these extra-large vehicles will require ceilings with a minimum height of 15 feet. All move-in rebates must be claimed within 30 days of moving into the unit. Indoor Unit With Indoor vehicle storage, your vehicle will be parked inside a large structure such as a warehouse with other vehicles.

Harts of the west

This size can typically contain large Class B and Class C campers, mid-to-large sized travel trailers, small-to-mid sized fifth-wheel campers, large toy trailers, and small Class A campers. Any units or facilities eligible for a Move-in Rebate will be clearly marked on our site. Facilities and units that do not have Move-in Rebate eligible badging are not eligible for move-in rebate claims unless specifically offered on a phone call with SelfStorage.

Harts of the west

Harts of the west

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  1. You must move into the facility that you booked on SelfStorage. This includes most Class A campers, large travel trailers and fifth-wheel trailers.

  2. Enclosed units provide protection from winter weather and prevent any unwanted access to your vehicle. Enclosed Unit Enclosed Vehicle Storage is the safest and most secure means of storing your vehicle.

  3. Digital gift cards are subject to availability and may be substituted for alternative gift cards for eligible claims.

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