Headache after orgasum


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My prime suspect is still norepinephrine; it's known to spike around orgasm and it's known to cause severe headaches and abdominal cramps - my symptoms exactly. Early speculation regarding this link centered on the idea that, because blood bypasses the detoxification process in the lungs and reenters the circulatory system uncleaned, this "toxic blood" may contain various substances that then trigger migraines.

Headache after orgasum

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Headache after orgasum

Headache after orgasum

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  1. But we're naked scientists, right? So what makes a PFO ever open up?

  2. In chronic cases, this causes cyanosis blueness , fainting, kidney problems, heart failure.

  3. In chronic cases, this causes cyanosis blueness , fainting, kidney problems, heart failure.

  4. They must be secreted into veins; how else can a blood-borne chemical from a particular gland reach the bodily circulation except via veins to the right side of the heart, then via the lungs, then out to the whole body via the left side of the heart?

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