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Meanwhile, Heritage plays at top West seed Reidsville, which is also undefeated. He has rushed for an amazing 43 TDs this year — including seven in round two, when he set a state single-game scoring mark by scoring all 52 points. He is slated to play in the Shrine Bowl Dec

Hhs cougars

He passes seldom, but both completions were for TDs. He surpassed receiving yards four times, including in round two. He connected with Kalin Ensley for a yard scoring pass play down the right side, to close the gap before the half.

Hhs cougars

Hhs cougars

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  1. Twins Daniel and Shawn Pearce combined for 26 sacks, and Cauley registered nine sacks. Ensley averaged 20 yards per reception, and Landrum

  2. It starts with blocking. Williford totaled 45 scores this year.

  3. Williford led HHS with 3, total yards.

  4. Now, he carries the team on his back. On Friday, Ensley caught five passes for 63 yards and Landrum six for

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