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The philosophy behind them is to ridicule chastity, scoff at fidelity, and glamorize sexual adventurism. This is a matter that ought to concern every holder of the priesthood, whether Aaronic or Melchizedek, as well as every member of the Church.

Hinckley sex

I wish that every father in the Church would make this a matter of discussion with his family at the next family home evening and occasionally in family home evenings thereafter. The prophet Alma declared:

Hinckley sex

Hinckley sex

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  1. We need, every one of us needs, to pause from the hectic pace of our lives and to reflect upon things sacred and divine. Now, in conclusion, this leads to a related matter I wish to mention, and that is the sexual adventurism which is spreading like another plague across the world.

  2. Possibly the bench on which the priests sit is not comfortable.

  3. Before or after seeing a doctor. We reaffirm those teachings.

  4. Another man, Matthew Wilson, was convicted in of serious sexual offences involving children, most of whom were targeted through the theatre Fixed pews are in place rather than folding chairs.

  5. Email President Benson and the Brethren have asked that I deal with two or three matters of concern to all of us.

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