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They noted that there were about 16, Hopi and Zuni people. In , a group of Hopi parents announced that they were against the ideas of Washington and did not want their children to be exposed to the culture of white Americans.

Hopi woman

Loololma, village chief of Oraibi at the time, was very impressed with Washington. The traditional powers and authority of the Hopi villages was preserved in the constitution. Over the centuries we have survived as a tribe, and to this day have managed to retain our culture, language and religion despite influences from the outside world.

Hopi woman

Hopi woman

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  1. Women are the backbone of Hopi society. Leon Reed Welcome to the Hopi Website Since time immemorial the Hopi people have lived in Hopituskwa and have maintained our sacred covenant with Maasaw, the ancient caretaker of the earth, to live as peaceful and humble farmers respectful of the land and its resources.

  2. Many times the visits were from military explorations.

  3. The school also reinforced European-American religions.

  4. The Spanish occupiers in effect enslaved the Hopi populace, compelling them to endure forced labor and hand over goods and crops.

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