Horseback riding dothan al


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About Us Well, I was the totally horse crazy kid that everyone hears about. I love nothing more than working with people and horses.

Horseback riding dothan al

We offer horse boarding, lessons, and training. We base these lessons on a good knowledge of safety, anatomy, tack, balance, and horse sense.

Horseback riding dothan al

Horseback riding dothan al

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  1. We do lessons on the flat in hunt, western and saddleseat. Not only will the riders learn how to ride they will have fun doing so.

  2. In I shut down the program at my farm and moved across state to be with him during his last year in the Navy.

  3. First, our riders interact with our horses by grooming them.

  4. Riders with physical disabilities can benefit in many ways: We base these lessons on a good knowledge of safety, anatomy, tack, balance, and horse sense.

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