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Secretary When a troubled young woman Maggie Gyllenhaal takes a job as an assistant to a stern attorney James Spader , the two discover that they have something in common: But although desire discrepancy is known to negatively affect overall sexual and relationship satisfaction, very little else is understood about it, such as whether it contributes significantly to infidelity or breakups. Take a cue from Hollywood.

Hot sexing couple

Yet evolutionary theorists predict that male desire should remain perpetually high in order for them to produce many offspring, while female desire should decrease as their attention turns, historically, toward child-rearing. The new research points toward the latter theory, although longer-duration studies on different groups of people are still needed, Murray said.

Hot sexing couple

Hot sexing couple

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  1. Desire was scored using an established model called the Female Sexual Function Index, which ranges from 1. The second-best baby-making position is doggy style, adopted by 36 percent of people, and the eagle — where the woman lies flat while the man kneels and holds her legs up high — came in third.

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