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Hollywood came calling and seduced them with prospects of fame, money and the chance to adapt their highly acclaimed comedy for an American audience. Find love, hang out with celebrities and make choices that shape your story!

How it made episodes

But just when they thought they were out, Hollywood pulled them back in, with a reprieve for Pucks -- an unexpected order for new episodes that neither the writers nor the star wants anything to do with but that they're contractually obligated to deliver. But eventually, she ends up sleeping with him, separating from Sean, and having a very tough time of it in Hollywood. There have been over 4 billion episodes viewed on Episode so far, which adds up to over 76, years of combined viewing time!

How it made episodes

How it made episodes

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  1. Last season, Sean and Beverly worked their way through their problems and got back together — just in time to flee Hollywood and return to London, quite happily, after Pucks was canceled.

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