How pride affects relationships


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A couple is supposed to be a partnership, a balance. In other words, we have to drop down our unseen walls of our pride.

How pride affects relationships

In fact we become slaves of our ego as soon as we follow it. In the first part of the article, I listed two ways pride can ruin your life — your career and your relationships. Because of the poisonous mindset of a prideful mind — prideful people are, ironically, the most likely ones to be stuck in mediocrity and image management.

How pride affects relationships

How pride affects relationships

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  1. That is a good example of having your pride and ego get in the way of your relationship. When you are wrong, can you say you are sorry?

  2. You should not be the one always swallowing your pride either.

  3. They won the argument by fixing things.

  4. Pride alters communication and connection.

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