How to attract my boyfriend again


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Read more from YourTango: All these measures will help the two of you practice healthy ways of dealing with smaller and larger problems.

How to attract my boyfriend again

That's when blaming becomes all too easy. And it doesn't work. Your problem is never too small, too big, too silly, too complicated or too embarrassing to discuss with an expert couples counsellor - in confidence.

How to attract my boyfriend again

How to attract my boyfriend again

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  1. But moving away from blaming and replacing it with taking responsibility removes a ton of stress from your relationship.

  2. In the next part of this article, I'll be cranking up the pressure a little bit. Bit by bit, either one or both of you has taken your eye of the ball, and now your relationship appears to be falling apart.

  3. Do you blame out of habit or is something really troubling you? It can potentially transform your relationship when you stop berating your partner, or pinning all the troubles on yourself.

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