How to deal with clingy guys


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When he talks to you, pretend you are so busy with your phone. You had good times with him, there is definitely something in this guy that made you go gaga over him in the first place, right?

How to deal with clingy guys

Spend his money Use his credit cards! Why not give him a try? You like the whole thing of coming back to him in the evening or the next day and tell him of what has been happening.

How to deal with clingy guys

How to deal with clingy guys

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  1. He Needs Assurance In most cases, the underlying cause of the guy being so needy goes back to his childhood.

  2. Slowly you realize that he needs you around ALL the time. When he tries to have a conversation with you, pretend you are not paying attention and show him that we have nothing in common to talk about.

  3. One call a day is okay, one call every hour is too much for you.

  4. These aren't exactly nice terms to throw around about someone, so you should probably stop and reevaluate your feelings, because it may be a sign that he's much more into you than you are into him.

  5. A poem or song is fine on anniversaries, once or twice a year maybe, but not every other day. Emphasize on the 'Me Time' Love does mean forever, and forever is given because you also need to accommodate your individuality in it.

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