How to deal with introverts


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One of the pressures that I fight is that being an introvert is bad. I hate mingling too so if you invite me somewhere, know that you are inviting a shadow. The reality is, everyone has a unique personality that can shift with time and experience.

How to deal with introverts

I hate it when my wife springs a social event on me. Believe me when I tell you that you matter. I wish my friends would understand that texting disconnects me from them more than it keeps us engaged.

How to deal with introverts

How to deal with introverts

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  1. I also appreciate when a friend sticks with me at social events. I must be a transtrovert.

  2. I like to work alone by I actually do not like to be lonely, and like you I love being up in front of a group, teaching and presenting. It certainly stretched me from what I thought was an inelastic bubble of introvertedness.

  3. Introverts need icebreaker conversations too.

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