How to entice a leo man


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If he loves you — and this is love in all possible forms — he will own you. He is a protective father towards his kids, but he has his needs. However, flirting with other men or being involved platonically with other men is a total put-off for a Leo man.

How to entice a leo man

The Leo appreciates and respects a woman who knows what she wants and prefers the company of women with high self-esteem and confidence. Trust and Loyalty Leo is the zodiac sign of loyalty. Let him know you admire this trait in him, and all other traits you feel are praiseworthy.

How to entice a leo man

How to entice a leo man

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  1. Affection display is one important step of keeping your Leo prince attracted to you.

  2. To love a woman, the Leo needs to be in total command.

  3. If this is not something you are happy with, a man governed by this sun sign is not for you. One of the biggest secrets about a Leo man is that he finds the white lies and half truths people tell each other just to get by in the world hugely pointless and confusing.

  4. While this theory has not been proved or disproved, keep in mind you need to wear an air of a queen about you for him to notice you.

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