How to even out a farmers tan naturally


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Apply in a cool, dry location. These are similar in coloration to melanin, the natural substance in the deeper skin layers which brown or "tan", from exposure to UV rays.

How to even out a farmers tan naturally

If you try to apply sunscreen to only the tanned parts, be very careful to stay inside the lines! Now I have a farmer tan.

How to even out a farmers tan naturally

How to even out a farmers tan naturally

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  1. For these reasons I have avoided sunless tanners like the plague ever since.

  2. If you're really desperate and willing to throw some cash at this, you could go to a tanning salon that does spray-on tans, and have them airbrush tan the areas you want darkened.

  3. For reference purposes, I have medium olive-tan skin to begin with I'm Indian, relatively light skinned for an Indian girl though, I guess , and I tan super easily. You may still see a border, but please, please don't try makeup.

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