How to give cunnlingus


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Most women are shaved these days. Just let her feel it.

How to give cunnlingus

Get your insecurities out in the open, so you can work on them together. Well, I suggest that you ask your partner if he or she would like to experiment with your vagina.

How to give cunnlingus

How to give cunnlingus

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  1. Take your time down there. Her passion for hula hooping is ongoing and she can often be found dancing barefoot to the rythms of a djembe-jam.

  2. With time she might enjoy more fingers, might not.

  3. Cherish some new knowledge. Enjoy yourself and make sure she feels as lucky and as good as you do.

  4. She offers therapy sessions related to everything from a heartbreak to a dysfunctional sexuality.

  5. Never hesitate to ask questions.

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