I emasculated my husband


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No man ever intends to hurt you. Men are a significant part of child rearing duties. We're excited to offer our contributions to the Psych Central community, and invite you to visit us on YourTango.

I emasculated my husband

What I really loved about this book was that it was told from the wife's perspective - who is funny, clever and deliciously malicious at times, yet you still got all the emotions the husband was feeling. And a queen is not weak, she is no submissive, nor quiet. Emasculating My Husband is Ann Michelle's newest book and it's a gripping read about a meek woman who feminizes and cuckolds her bully of a husband Reviewing a new Ann Michelle book is very difficult.

I emasculated my husband

I emasculated my husband

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  1. He has his own set of friends, and you should have your own set of friends.

  2. In the rush of getting married, many of us forget to reflect on our internalized messages about marriage. Which surprised me, because I was so vocal about women empowerment and here I held this strong believe that being a Queen - a woman - is somewhat worse.

  3. We see what we believe.

  4. Relationship aside, there's a lot to love about this story and I think it'll appeal to a lot of my readers. What they don't realize, however, is that by doing so, they're making their men feel emasculated — stripping them of their manly status in the relationship.

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